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The Cost of Lasso Safe Certify – Part 2

The Cost of Lasso Safe Certify – Part 2

Over the last 10 years, the leaders of Lasso Safe have sought to make the communities in which we train, compete, work, dream and triumph safer, higher performance and less damaging to our sport culture. And sport communities around the globe are engaging in this mission, finding benefit for their triple bottom line – people, sport and profit. In addition to seeing an increase in profit and receiving on-going, leadership support, here are some benefits safe communitys are reporting:


The most advanced members in the sporting industry already expect standards that are found in the Lasso Safe system. Communities who aim to service the best are searching for ways to instill many of Lasso Safe’s attributes, and will find benefit in the comprehensive and well-integrated solution that Lasso Safe provides. Lasso Safe Certified communitys’ management and safety teams work hard to create a better community by being agile and willing to try new strategies, policies and procedures. Lasso Safe is readily achievable when teams initiate the discussion early, establish clear goals and organize the community in accordance with the Lasso Safe process.


The sport community industry is well positioned to benefit from many safety practices, from media presence to leadership modeling. By being a central leader of the sporting industry, communitys have grown a wealth of athlete services that are progressive in many ways. These skills, in addition to other industry resources, are available to your Lasso Safe process via world-renowned research and education and, in a less formal setting, the Lasso Safe member community and forum. In addition, Lasso Safe rewards communitys who excel in customers’ sense of safety, customer relations and community integration with the local community, which are all typical community attributes in the Lasso Safe certification. By nature of industry, Lasso Safe communitys have access to numerous strategies and Lasso Safe Credits that position them as leaders. It is entirely reasonable and beneficial to pursue and achieve Lasso Safe certification with a goal of Silver or Gold status. ​


Value Creation for Lasso Safe Certified Communities As high valuations and competitive pricing continue to dominate the sport community landscape, communitys are looking for more—and more effective—ways to create value. In this climate, the importance of developing a differentiated value creation plan reflecting the full potential of the business through documented risk reduction, media and industry relations and safety measures translating into increased cash flow cannot be overstated. The Lasso Safe Value Creation Plan is a community-wide look at how the policies, procedures and best practices can be tracked and measured, quantified in terms both of potential value creation upside, as well as over time, and of the cost to realize that value. The Value Creation Plan reflects a holistic view of the specific and prioritized set of initiatives or key actions—the capabilities, documentation policies and procedures, internal and external resources, reporting structure, clearly defined accountabilities, operating and financial metrics, media and marketing strategies and the governance framework—that will be required to make the necessary records to realize the asset’s full potential. The Value Creation Reporting System and Safe Center Performance Reporting System are key components of the Value Creation Plan.

In summary, the mission to empower the leaders of sport to use business to inspire and implement solutions for a safe, prosperous sport culture for all may have significant upfront costs and a time investment, but it would do a community well to consider the lifetime value of pursuing a Lasso Safe certification.

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