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The Cost of Lasso Safe Certify – Part 1

The Cost of Lasso Safe Certify – Part 1


Lasso Safe is the most trusted safe sport community rating system in the world. Available for virtually all sport community types, Lasso Safe provides a framework for safe, healthy, highly respected, and cost-saving sport communities. Lasso Safe certification is a globally recognized symbol of athlete safety and high-performing leadership. Youth, amateur and Olympic athletes are training and competing in Lasso Safe-certified communitys around the world. Here’s why.

  1. The Rating Systems and Value Creation Plan are periodically updated to ‘raise the bar’ as the industry’s ecosystem adapts or changes and as safety revenue challenges continue to grow. Communities who are Lasso Safe Certified are respected in the industry and earn the reputation of leading the industry.
  2. Communities’ customer-related benefits range from winning the confidence of the timid families who may not otherwise attend the community to attracting, developing and retaining high level athletes – even elongating their championship careers by enriching their experience as an athlete and person. Customer acquisition costs are often lowered as well as churn rate.
  3. Keep It Fun. 75% of youth athletes are verbally abused. 70% of youth athletes drop out, the most common reason is “because it’s not fun anymore”. Protecting your customers equals retaining them.
  4. Stand out to leagues, scouts, teams and more. From scouting agencies to travel leagues, the leaders in sport search out the best. The Lasso Safe Certification lets them know that you put safety and integrity at the heart of your community. In addition, many Lasso Safe credits are recognized by insurance coverages as risk mitigating and can lower both your and your visitors’ premiums.
  5. Online Client Referral Base. Lasso Safe delivers a comprehensive framework for approachable and effective safe sport community policies and procedures, proven prosperous by internationally-renowned communitys. By joining the state-of-the-art brand, you are joining a community who support each other through Lasso Safe’s online client referral base.


With high drop out rates in sport, sport communities absorb significant economic loss due to inadequate safety policies and procedures, documentation and recording and safety media/marketing. ​

Lasso Safe certified communitys can mitigate revenue loss and increase profit by custom designing their certification through a thorough company analysis, personalized scorecard and on-going support from a concierge-style Lasso Safe engagement manager.


On-going support – Lasso Safe certified sport communities receive on-going support in safety profitability. Our advisory board is made up of a diverse community of experts in safety and profitability policies and procedures, documentation and recording software, as well as strategically marketing your investment in ways that are cohesive and refining to your brand image. Certified community’s safety management team has direct and unlimited access to a concierge-style engagement manager, as well as access to our board through the Value Creation Plan.

​Community relations. Lasso Safe certified sport communities receive community relations support and work with key partners to advance their brand. ​​ Larger customer territory. Attract customers who are willing to commute a little bit further for safety assurance. ​ Better customer experience through communication. Customer turnover is one of the highest planned costs for sport communities. Lasso Safe certified communitys combat turnover with state-of-the-art customer relations through communication software, calendars and content. ​

Decreased insurance premiums. There are many flavors of Lasso Safe credits, and the majority of them are rooted in risk mitigation. Some are directly recognized by insurances to lower premiums, some can decrease claim rates, while others stand well in the unfortunate case of a claim going to court.

Build trust, maintain trust. Keep your brand trustworthy by showing your investment in a diverse and inclusive environment.

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