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Psychologically-Safe Facilities Find Profit

Psychologically-Safe Facilities Find Profit

“Mental toughness and strength are correlated with psychological safety. Mental toughness is not meant to take the place of a psychologically safe training environment, but rather is nurtured by one.” — James Williams – General Manager, Tokyo Olympics Coca-Cola

With the dropout rate of youth athletes averaging 70%, sport facilities budget for high turnover. A less known variable, but often the culprit of greater hard and soft costs, is attending, high-level athletes’ punctuated careers due to poor mental health and psychological-related treatments.

On the other hand, Lasso Safe’s research has shown that when high performance standards are achieved in congruency with a psychologically safe training environment, not only are losses mitigated, but profitability for both facility and attending athletes skyrockets. A quality facility who nurtures athletes’ mental toughness is not just an asset to the organization, but to the athletes as well.

Facilities pursuing Lasso Safe certification can select credits that are inspired by the world’s safest and highest performing sport communities and adapted to fit into nearly any program. With over a decade of research positioned as the foundation of all Lasso Safe credits, a broad team of contributors continuously adapt credit submittal requirements to stay current and effective. These contributors include former USA Olympic directors, international operating system and policy leaders, psychotherapists and more.

In a one-on-one interview between James Williams (General Manager, Tokyo Olympics Coca-Cola) and Lasso Safe, Mr. Williams identified safe training environments as a consideration for all involved in the sport industry. Let’s follow the voice of one of the longest-standing sport sponsors; the time to nurture athletes’ mental toughness is now, and Lasso Safe Certified is the way.

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