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Outreach records

Outreach records


No matter the main purpose of your effort to give back to those in need, we only arrive at one key goal: to build more ways and paths for the betterment of our sports society. Consider keeping the following in your records: Education curricullum and resources. Inspire and uplift: Through various types of outreach programs, these also build avenues where people can thrive with support and Bayanihan with others. Being stewards of inspiration and encouragement contribute to building empowered stewards of change!
Bring joy: For volunteers and donees alike, an outreach program relieves them from a lot of stress. Donors and volunteers feel more at peace and fulfilled knowing they?ve done their part; while recipients feel they?re not alone in their journey.

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Organizational value – wellness and safety efforts unmeasured. Athlete onboarding – decline or inconsistent. Sports development lacks direction – organizational wellness and safety goals are not specific, measurable, attainable, relevant or time-based.